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Girl Scout Service Unit 10-4
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A  Service Unit is the group of all the Girl Scout troops in a designated area.  The troop leaders come together in monthly meetings to share information and knowledge to make each individual troop run more smoothly.  Girl Scout Council information is shared on programs/opportunities, etc.

Why be a girl scout?  Check out the Program....

learn more about your world and community
make great crafts
sing fun and meaningful songs
learn new games
camping/Day Camp
community service hours
meet new people
work with girls of other ages
sleepovers, ballets, rock climbing, and other outings
Results in courage, challenges, smiles, laughter, fun, confidence, friends, strength, and respect

Why be a leader?

opportunity to positively influence the young women that will shape our Nation in the future
work with younger/older girls
share crafts, songs, and fun games
nothing better to do
you have a craft fetish
you want to spend time with your daughter(s)
you own a tent


Natalie Ellis and Amanda Wohlers of Cadette Troop 1968 have developed this website in order to earn their  Silver Award.  We hope it's helpful to inform those of you who know very little about Girl Scouts and give information to those of you who are excited about Scouts.

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